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The Leadership Agency Presents #WeCelebrateLeaders

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

We can’t hire, promote, or be great leaders if we don’t know what it takes to be a great leader. #WeCelebrateLeaders is about defining leadership.

The Leadership Agency is beyond excited to launch its first major campaign, #WeCelebrateLeaders! What is this campaign? Who is a part of it? And what can we expect to learn?

 #WeCelebrateLeaders is a national campaign that highlights 12 best-in-class leaders and lets us hear directly from the leaders themselves! Leadership can be demonstrated and executed in a variety of ways. The journey to becoming a leader is also different for many. We Celebrate Leaders aims to express this diversity in order to connect with both top and aspiring leaders.

The Mission

Now of course there’s a purpose to this campaign. To put it simply, The Leadership Agency is on a mission to define leadership. As disrupters and the recruitment partner of choice for the technology community, we value the dedication of our clients in building companies of lasting value. Canada’s start-up and tech community are BURSTING at the seams, as everyone is competing for the same leadership talent. With this competition growing stronger and stronger, understanding who a leader is, has never been more important.

The mission to define leadership encompass the thoughts ‘What does it take to be a great leader?’, and for companies, ‘What does it take to keep a great leader?’. Without great leaders, companies will fail – they will lose their moment. But with the right leaders, these outstanding companies can continue to move in the right direction, which could ultimately be the movement that the Canadian market truly needs.

The Video Series

We thought the best way to capture the insights of leaders was through a video medium. The video series for #WeCelebrateLeaders was created to better highlight the leadership journeys and styles of 12 best-in-class leaders throughout the tech community. These videos provide great insight into their roles, experience, and company culture. As 75% of a hiring decision is knowing, liking, and feeling inspired by your leader, this type of insight into a company’s culture and leaders is VERY rare!

 We have chosen 12 amazing leaders in roles ranging from managers to CEO’s, who come from both disruptive start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. This wide spectrum of individuals has demonstrated outstanding leadership and growth throughout their careers and have the ability to provide valuable advice relating to their own experiences. What better way to learn about leadership than from the pros themselves!

The Lesson

During this campaign, we hope our audience embraces the lessons shared by our 12 leaders. The #WeCelebrateLeaders video series has been developed for CEO’s, HR Professionals, Media, and aspiring leaders. These videos will allow our audiences to understand what makes a great leader, and what it takes to keep a great leader, through multiple perspectives. We challenge current and new leaders to ask themselves: What does it take to be a great leader?

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