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VP of Marketing & Communications,

Joey Restaurant Group

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About Britt

Britt Innes is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for the JOEY Restaurant Group, a collection of over 37 restaurants. Innes develops and oversees the implementation of marketing, communication and branding strategies for the companies two brands; JOEY Restaurants and LOCAL Public Eatery. Under her leadership, the company now operates locations throughout Western Canada, in Ontario, Washington State and just recently launched in the highly competitive Los Angeles market.


Innes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Liberal Studies from the Simon Fraser University and recently completed the Action Learning Program, an advanced strategy program for senior executives, a joint initiative of MIT and the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). She currently sits on the Editorial Board for Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine.

Questions We Asked Britt

  • Knowing what you know now as a leader, what would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

  • What do you think people love most about your leadership style? 

  • What is/was your most memorable leader? 

  • What’s been your biggest business and/or leadership challenge in the past 3 months? 

  • What makes Joey Restaurants a market/brand/product leader? 

  • What’s been your biggest achievement as a leader? 

  • What do you look forward to most every day? 

  • What’s been your biggest failure as a leader? 

  • What do you think makes a great leader? 

  • Do you think people are born leaders? 


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